TECNO TECH is a leading Managed IT Services Providers in the MENA region. Our goal is to enable small and medium sized businesses to focus on their business without worrying about their IT needs. We provide quality IT Support outsourcing services and affordable Managed IT solutions that previously used to be available only to large organizations with full-time IT experts and huge IT budgets.


Today, more than ever, small and medium companies are looking to cut costs, while continuing to run their business and make profits. With today’s economy, businesses already have enough to worry about like sales, marketing, accounting and payroll; it’s not a surprise when that they don’t find it feasible to hire a full-time qualified or even junior IT support engineer.

However, as their business becomes more dependent on IT each day, they require that their applications, systems and network are operating at full speed, and that their employees are getting all the IT help needed to keep them productive.

For example, when one of their computers, printers or business applications is not working right, it can slow down the productivity of the whole team. They may even lose a business opportunity if the task is not completed on time or misses the deadline. Yet, they don’t have a qualified engineer in-house and, up till now, there’s no way to get instant support by experts.

We provide the fastest, easiest and most secure IT support for businesses. With our unique Unlimited Cloud-based IT Support and User Assistance subscription, we tackle not only software and hardware troubleshooting issues, but we go a step further to assist each employee in using their computer and software more efficiently. Our experts answer all how to questions and provide tips and tricks on how to perform certain tasks faster.

We simply do NOT sell IT products, but we rather provide superior IT solutions customized to our customer’s needs. More importantly, and since small and medium companies do not have experienced IT staff, our certified experts will monitor and manage these IT solutions on daily basis and provide necessary reporting and risk mitigation.


  1. Easy and remote: Gain access to simple and secure IT assistance from anywhere in the world
  2. Don’t worry about formats: We will take care of any formatting issues that could arise within the scope of your IT issues. Your employees can stay productive while we fix any technical errors.
  3. Immediate solutions: Our experts fix 95% of computer and printer problems remotely, offering immediate and streamlined solutions to our clients.
  4. User Support: Unlimited support and assistance in Microsoft Office and many other software suites.
  5. Hardware Tune-up Analysis: We keep your hardware up to date and recommend money-saving upgrades that extend the life of your hardware.  If you choose to upgrade, we will find the best quotes through our vendors and suppliers.

Software & External Devices

  • Advice: We’ll recommend specs when buying new devices according to your budget and needs.
  • Setup: Assist in configuring your PC to work with printers, scanners  and install any third party software
  • Fix: Troubleshoot configuration, missing drivers, enhanced scanned colors and fix page orientation.
  • PC Optimization & Speed-Up

Microsoft Office

  • Outlook: Organizing, archiving, backup, calendar
  • Excel: Formulas, conditional formatting etc.
  • Word: Advice formatting, layouts & printing
  • PowerPoint: Transitions, animation, and slideshows
  • Recover: We’ll help you recover lost passwords

Microsoft Windows

  • Advice: Our experts will help & advise on how to use Windows more efficiently and easily
  • Fix: Diagnose & fix crashes, freezes & abnormal restarts caused by incompatible software.
  • Customize: We’ll assist you in customizing your desktop, text size, mouse, colors, and screen resolution for optimum efficiency.

Internet & Email

  • Advice: We will ensure online safety
  • Setup: We can create new email addresses & set it up in Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other client
  • Fix: We’ll assist with fixing browser errors & crashes, internet connectivity issues, email sending and receiving problems, and boost surfing speed.